How this Plan has been Created

Other Communities across the country have been creating Plans for some years and this became a reality for Marshfield with the provision of funding, by SGC in April 2011, to the team of volunteers that had been assembled.

An initial Questionnaire was put out to the Community in June 2011. It asked for comment on 9 subjects: (Click here to see the original Questionnaire)

Community Transport Affordable Housing
Community Energy Youth Centre
Traffic & Parking More Local Businesses
Community Services Recreational Facilities
Community Education  

This document produced only a limited response but highlighted which were areas of particular local interest and provided comments on other issues. Heading the priorities was interest in Energy closely followed by Traffic & Parking. Click here to get full analysis.

The Initial Survey was followed by the creation of a Steering Group in July 2011 made up of those who had volunteered during the course of the above survey. Consultation was followed up with promotions at the Boules Day in July 2011 and the Village Day in August 2011 providing more input on priorities. The Steering Group has since met on a monthly basis. In September 2011 it began the long process of identifying issues of importance to the various sectors of the Community. The main method has been by talking to organisers of activities, and providers of services. This has led to the Plan Survey section.

As a result of Government funding, through LEAF, it was possible to investigate in depth the opportunities for energy saving and energy generation within the Parish. The results were presented at the Marshfield Energy Day in May 2012. With around 400 people attending, the occasion was used to recruit more volunteers to speed the collection of information.

The aim of the Plan is to identify issues of importance to the Community, suggest solutions and obtain a ‘mandate’ to proceed. The most common method has been to create a long questionnaire, send it out to all residents and then analyse the responses. The questionnaire and resulting plan have been in the form of long and expensive, printed brochures. With limited resources, the Steering Group decided that instead, In Marshfield, a Website should be created which we believe would fulfil all the objectives more effectively and at significantly lower cost.

This website will go live at the beginning of 2013, 18 months after the start of the process. It will be added to progressively as questions are asked, responses analysed and as agreed actions are progressed.

In addition, the website is an opportunity to provide residents with useful information about the community in which they live. When its initial role is completed, it is intended that it will be adopted by the Parish Council to continue providing the latest information about activities in the Parish.

Click below to see videos of Marshfield Energy Day