The History of Marshfield

Introduction to the village of Marshfield

Marshfield in South Gloucestershire is a small medieval town on the Cotswold uplands -- about 9 miles from Bath and 12 miles from Bristol in the United Kingdom-- thought to have been a centre for the malting industry in the past. This site represents some work carried out by the Team from the History Hunters who produced a programme for Channel 4 Television. The main body text however is taken from the booklet produced by the W.I. in 1972. Ownership of copyright is theirs. The pictures and subsequent work for this site began with them. Later in 1999 I negotiated the necessary permissions from Channel 4 to copy and use some of their pictures. Channel 4 asked for no royalties giving the content to us all for a unique insight into our past.

A large variety of of historical detection methods were employed to assist -- including document research, building surveys, dendrochronological sampling, field walking -- to create a vivid picture of a town's past.

Thanks to the the people of Marshfield in Gloucestershire. The Webmaster would like to thank David Smith, County Archivist from Gloucestershire Record Office for permission to reproduce the maps.

For this site to develop I need as many suggestions comments or additions for this site with the suggested location for your entry to me at You may submit any article to this site as long as it remains relevant to the main theme, that is to say "The History of Marshfield" . There is a very good Channel 4 site with the History Hunters. This information concentrates on three families search for their lineage, Malting, & Roman background. Some of their material has been reproduced with permission but has not been repeated here as it exists on the Time Team site. The W.I. have given their permission for the main body text to be reproduced.

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